Case Studies

Over the years Woods Creative has developed long lasting relationships with our clients. They have trusted us to advertise, market and promote their products or services. Below is a more detailed look at just a few of the many campaigns developed by the team at Woods Creative and the successes we have brought to our clients.

Recruitment Campaign

Brookfield Residential (formerly Carma Developers) is a progressive, dynamic and youthful organization with award winning corporate culture. Woods Creative was tasked with finding an innovative way to engage prospective employees through a recruitment campaign. This project focused on a younger demographic of recent graduates around Alberta by hitting the pavement and showcasing at career fairs. Woods Creative’s strategy was to focus on retaining ongoing communication through social media by having an on-site branded photo booth, complete with a professional photographer. Participants would have a fun photo taken which was promptly posted to a custom developed Brookfield Recruitment Facebook page, where they could ‘like’, share and tag their photos. In less than 30 days Brookfield had hundreds of participants along with 280 new ‘likes’ and ready access to targeted, relevant and employable graduates.

Brand Identity

ReFuel Lifestyles is a small, locally owned nutrition bar that serves healthy food and drinks within fitness facilities around Calgary. ReFuel needed a fresh, bright and engaging brand that spoke to their consumers and relayed their healthy lifestyle philosophies and products. Woods Creative rolled out a comprehensive campaign that included, logo design, website, product photography, menu boards, take out menus and business cards aimed at ‘fueling’ the company’s growth and development.

Social Media Campaign

McSweeney’s Beef Jerky, is a Canadian staple for anyone that has ever taken a road trip. When Woods Creative was asked to develop a social media campaign for them, we jumped at the opportunity. The campaign strategy was to have users fill out a simple five question survey on a custom built Facebook application to help McSweeny’s better understand their market. By completing this survey, participants were mailed a bag of beef jerky. Within three weeks, the McSweeny’s team got the news that they needed to send out over five thousand bags of beef Jerky to their loyal fans. In return, McSweeny’s received five thousand relevant Canadian addresses, two thousand Facebook ‘likes’, participant survey responses and a detailed demographics report. This social media campaign left the McSweeney’s team with a richer understanding of their consumers and the means to provide effective marketing and product development strategies.