Our services are defined by our clients’ goals. There are no template packages or standard offerings. We work with you to meet your targeted objectives and define the best suited methods to achieve your vision. Your communication is our business.

  • Brand

    Brand development and market positioning is developed through careful consideration of our client’s business strategy. The Woods Creative team works to understand your organization’s business objectives and develop a creative strategy to implement your brand into appropriate, receptive markets. This process can include everything from logo design to full brand identity launch across multiple mediums.

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  • Print

    Print media is a proven and effective method of communications. Woods Creative believes in developing inherent value in print. We know that delivering targeted high quality material leaves a lasting effect on your customers. Today, smart print campaigns need to deliver more than just information; they must be innovative and exciting to be effective. Too often print campaigns are delivered without any ability to track or understand their effectiveness. Woods Creative believes advertising without tracking results, is just guess work.

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  • Web

    Woods Creative has extensive experience in web design and development. Our solutions include the latest web standards and responsive designs to ensure the best viewing experience on a desktop/laptop, smartphone or tablets. Content management systems (CMS) can be implemented quickly to enable non-technical staffers to maintain the sections of your website that change often, such as press releases, job postings, or corporate bios. We also offer Integrated SEO strategies from the start to track user interaction and manage web infrastructure to ensure success with your company’s web presence.

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  • Marketing

    Woods Creative has a unique approach to advertising campaign development not usually found in companies our size. We test and track campaigns across multiple mediums using an agile deployment strategy that allows us to decipher where best to allocate advertising dollars. In our experience no two client’s needs or markets are ever the same. We leave out the guesswork and make informed decisions about how and where to advertise your company.

  • Social Media

    Social media is quite simply described as the “democratization of information”. This movement has created an entirely new medium of communications in which users are prompted to create, participate in and disseminate content which is relevant to themselves and their associated communities. Information sharing within this medium allows content to spread quickly and organically to relevant demographics. Woods Creative has fully embraced social media by using variety of creative concepts, customized applications and PPC advertising for use in projects like, recruitment campaigns, market research and corporate branding.

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is at the core of what Woods Creative is all about. Our experience ranges from annual reports to custom Facebook page design and everything in between. We work predominantly within the Creative Suite environment utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe in Design to cover workloads in both raster and vector formats. We ensure all work meets appropriate pre press or web requirements along with all necessary colour profiles.

  • Photography

    Woods Creative prides itself in our ability to provide high level composite commercial photography. Our unique capabilities in post production and vision in the studio, allows us to offer our clients conceptually rich visual content for use in advertising. With this ability, we can offer near limitless creative opportunities.

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