Brand is more than just a logo. Your brand is the promise of your product or service. It is the first impression of your company, how you establish value and build a reputation. A brand should speak volumes about what you are, what you do and how you do it. A logo is the beginning to your business’s visual communication with the public and is a mark that should be well considered.


Print media is a proven and effective means of communication. Woods Creative believes in building intrinsic value through this medium. Today, effective print campaigns need to deliver more than just information; it must look and feel compelling to be effective. We know that delivering targeted, high quality material leaves a lasting effect on your customers.


Digital Media is the most prominent and accessible form of communication. Employed effectively, this medium has few boundaries and allows businesses to tap vast, otherwise unreachable markets. Woods Creative develops custom web-based solutions with user-friendly functions, navigational ease, trackable metrics, and innovative design.

  • Quality Fast Foods
  • Hygaard
  • Refuel Life Styles
  • Script Pharmacy


With the advent of digital photography, images can reach new heights as a visual medium. No longer are we limited to the confines of reality when developing a photograph. Images can be manipulated, composted and digitally altered to look their best. Woods Creative can envision and execute nearly any creative concept into a visually compelling image that speaks to viewers.


In conjunction with the Brookfield Employee Handbook, Woods Creative proposed a series of department profile images to help new hires and existing employees better understand the different roles that each department plays within the company. We opted to take a more humorous approach to relay a more playful image which coincides with Brookfield’s award winning corporate culture.


As part of a data base of food and beverage images for Cineplex’s new VIP theatre and lounge, we were brought on to photograph menu items in a way that would allow maximum usability across multiple mediums. By
seamlessly extracting backgrounds and rendering drop shadows, we were able to make these images significantly more versatile for use in a variety of advertisements and applications. From monthly print promotions, to web and even the big screen itself these photo’s have proven to be a work horse in the Cineplex image library.


As part of a print campaign for real estate agency Love Calgary, Woods Creative sought to identify with the average upper middle class, thirty something family who is presented with the three major real estate options within Calgary. By visually reenacting these options with a slightly surreal feel, we were able to show not only empathy for he decision, but that Love Calgary had reach in each of these markets as well. The print campaign included the tagline, “Whichever path you choose, Love Calgary”